From Stupid Infomercial to Results: Noa’s Story

Noa Rozenblit
Physical strength and improved health go a long way in RESHAPING all areas of one’s life. The results are far beyond physical.
I am so excited and grateful for the changes in my life, and know of no better way to celebrate than to share with others so that we can all work toward living up to our potential.
Four years ago I was lacking energy, overweight, feeling heavy physically and emotionally. I knew I had to make some changes in my life. I saw a “stupid infomercial” on TV for P90X. I saw this SUPER FIT and ENERGETIC guy, Tony Horton, leading some of the most challenging workouts that looked equally exciting as they did intimidating. The results they showed were stunning…they were what I wanted. Two thoughts came to mind: 1) “Photoshop results” and 2) “I could never do it…or could I?”
The “…or could I” won this battle and I thought, “let’s give it a try.” So I did! Six 1-hour workouts a week! I saw results. My fitness level, energy and mood improved drastically. But 6 weeks into the 90-day program my family and I went away on vacation and I lost my momentum. Soon enough I put the weight back on.
Fast forward to December 2013, my brother invited me to join his P90X3 Challenge Group. “This is my second chance,” I thought. I just knew I was going to succeed. How did I know? 1) I was part of a supportive Challenge Group and had a work out partner – we were there to MOTIVATE ONE ANOTHER; 2) the work outs were only 30 MINUTES = no excuses!; and 3) I was motivated and COMMITTED TO MYSELF.

Well, in April I successfully completed P90X3…plus a bonus Elite month! I am 25 lbs lighter than where I was when I started P90X and at the age of 36, am in the best shape – physically, emotionally and spiritually – of my life!!!